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Getting Back On Your SUP

May 03, 2022
In this video I demonstrate getting back on your stand up paddle board from the water and prone padding to get your SUP paddle. 

Steps for getting back on your board,
- get on from the side, not the tail of the board
- hang onto the handle with one handle
- ensure your feet are out behind you, not under the board
- kick and launch yourself up, grab the other side of the board with your free hand
- then pull/slide up and onto the board
- prone paddle the board to get you SUP paddle- catch your breath, then stand

Be sure to practice this on every new board you ride. If you can't get back on the board it's a safety risk. If you are uncertain, be sure to paddle with a buddy who can help you back on.

If you are looking to learn more about Stand Up Paddling, how to get into the sport, or how to build on your skills, check out my SUP Lessons and SUP Certifications.

Hope to see you on the water soon!