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Choosing a Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

May 17, 2021

In this video I review the features, pluses, and negative's of the 3 different styles of PDF. I talk about what to look for when purchasing one, how to check for proper fit, and choosing the style to wear depending on conditions.

The three styles I talk about are,

  • A typical, longer jacket
  • A Paddling Jacket
  • Inflatable hip packs

All three may be legal and do the job but are not all suited for all conditions. When deciding what to purchase or wear you must consider where you'll be paddling and how big the water can get, the temperature of the air and water, and your experience level. My rule of thumb is if the water is cold or the waves are high I want something that works as soon as I hit the water with no effort from me. In those conditions I'll always be in a paddling jacket style PFD.

In my opinion inflatables are for warm weather, very clam water, and for people are are comfortable in the water or good swimmers.

For details of what other safety equipment your should or have to have check out my post Required SUP Safety Equipment.