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Why Have a Shorty Wetsuit and Booties in your SUP Gear

Apr 23, 2022
In this video I talk about wetsuits, primarily shorty's. I also touch on other gear you'll want to wear all summer long, especially booties.

I discuss why wear a wetsuit and a bit on how they work. When to wear a shorty, it's not just a spring and fall thing. Even in the middle of summer, if it's cool and the sun isn't out to warm us, wearing a shorty can extend our time on the water.

I also cover how your suit should fit, putting it on, and care after it's been used. 

Top reasons to have a shorty in your SUP kit are,
- More comfortable and safer when paddling in cooler temperatures
- We gain a little extra buoyancy floating in the water, BUT it's not a replacement for a PFD
- Extend on the water paddling time by helping maintain body heat on cooler days

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