SUP Equipment Equipment Review

Wave Rider 11' SUP Board

Sep 01, 2023

The Wave Rider 11' Whee Sport inflatable paddleboard, 11’ x 32” x 6” iSUP

At first glance you can see there is lots of carrying capacity with different mount points and bungie's on the nose and tail. Additional d-rings are standard allowing for tying equipment down or attaching a seat.

The board construction is solid, the vinyl feels durable without adding extra weight. The extra taping or sealing of the seams is a great feature. If seams are damaged they are very hard to repair, the extra protection will add life to the board.

The narrower tail makes the board more manoeuvrable and faster than other wider boards. The tail design can make the board feel less stable on more dynamic water to beginners, riders with some experience will get used to it quickly.

I really like the cut of the deck pad, some pads are smooth which can make them slippery as water tends to sit on them. The diamond pattern of the Wave Rider pad provides comfort to the feet as well as helps move water off the deck.

Removable fins make the board easy to roll up and store in the bag. Fixed fins are prone to bending when rolling the board for storage, making the board less stable and harder to track straight. I personally wouldn’t purchase a board with built in fins because of this issue.

As for the accessories, the leash is solidly constructed, and the paddle has a carbon fiber shaft with plastic blade and handle. It’s fairly standard compared to other similarly priced iSUP kits but much better then the cheap aluminum paddles you get with low end boards. The double chamber pump offers 3 settings making it easier to blow the board up.

The Wave Rider 11' Whee Sport inflatable paddleboard is relatively new on the market and is designed, distributed, and supported locally. The owner is engaged and has the drive and passion to create and deliver a quality product that serves the market well.